The health state descriptive system (questionnaire)

15 dimensions (often used abbreviations of the variables in parentheses):

  • Mobility (move)

  • Vision (see)

  • Hearing (hear)

  • Breathing (breath)

  • Sleeping (sleep)

  • Eating (eat)

  • Speech (speech)

  • Excretion (excret)

  • Usual activities (uact)

  • Mental function (mental)

  • Discomfort and symptoms (disco)

  • Depression (depr)

  • Distress (distr)

  • Vitality (vital)

  • Sexual activity (sex)

Levels: 5 ordinal levels on each dimension, by which more or less of the attribute is distinguished. The respondent chooses from each dimension the level, which best describes her/his present health status.

Completion time: It takes about 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Full instructions for completion are on the questionnaire.

Mode of administration: Primarily self-administration, but also interview- and proxy administration possible.

Note: The dimension earlier named "Elimination" has been changed to "Excretion" to better reflect the content of that dimension.

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